Advertising Resource Report – Patrick’s Proven Solo Ads

I have been using free advertising sources like safelists and viral mailers ever since I started marketing online back in 2008.

I used to get reasonable results… I even put about 20 people into My 20 Dollar Business using nothing but these free resources.

But things have really slowed down over the last 6 months. I used to run safelist ads on Tuesdays and get from 5-10 subscribers… not any more.

So, I decided to start re-investing the money I am earning through my business into “paid advertising”.

Why? Two reasons…

#1 -Re-Investing My Earnings

I have been getting regular commission checks for the last couple of months… in fact, April is the first month that I have received a paycheck every single week.

I have earned not only my Platinum membership fee of $100, but also checks of $32, $40, $125, and $51. That’s a total of $248 in checks, plus my $100 Platinum membership fee… $348 total!

In may last business venture before My20, my largest month was less than $200… and I had over 800 team members that I had signed up.

So I made the commitment to myself that when I started making money, even if it’s not all that much in the whole scheme of things, I would re-invest that money in my business instead of just spending it.


#2 -Testing For My Team

I want to test the waters, so to speak, so that my team members can confidently invest in their business as well. I am in a postition financially that I do have the funds to invest… some of you do not yet.

I will post reports about the winners as well as the losers!

With that said, I am going to begin posting reports on the results of the paid advertising resources I am using to promote My 20 Dollar Business.

The first one I tested is called Patrick’s Proven Solo Ads… he has a nice looking site with lots of positive testimonials… he offers three different levels of solo ads, ranging from $25 to $99.

I bought the $25 dollar package to test, and I was promised 250+ clicks and 50+ high quality optins. This is the link that I promoted…

The first run I received 455 clicks, of which less that 10 were unique… no optins… and no sales.

I contacted the vendor, and he sent out a second solo at no cost… here are the final results of the two mailings:

Patricks Proven Solo Ads Results


As you can see, the “unique clicks” did come up, but no where close to the promised 250 clicks… if they are NOT unique clicks, especially at the ratio shown above, I question their validity.

I also got NO optins and NO sales!

My final recommendation for this resource is…