Advertising Resource Report – Patrick’s Proven Solo Ads

I have been using free advertising sources like safelists and viral mailers ever since I started marketing online back in 2008. I used to get reasonable results… I even put about 20 people into My 20 Dollar Business using nothing but these free resources. But things have really slowed down over the last 6 months. … Read more

Building An Advertising Plan – Part 2

Let’s continue our discussion about building an Advertising Plan. If you missed Part 1… click here. Today I am going to share 10 tips on how you can make your advertising plan more responsive and get more results. 1. Tell your audience what kind of support they’ll receive from you after they buy. This may … Read more

Building An Advertising Plan – Part 1

If you are like me, you probably have not really though out the advertising strategies for YOUR business, other than “I wonder if this will work”… right. I am in the process of thinking through my objectives and strategies to determine what will work best for me… and so I thought you might also benefit … Read more

Compensation Plan Updates

Watch this video to learn about the changes in our compensation plan… My20DollarTravelBusiness VERSION 2.0 Compensation Plan [embedyt][/embedyt]

When Can You Travel?

  I think that you’ll agree that this is truly an incredible deal… right? But there’s still an important question that needs to be answered… When can you travel? It doesn’t matter if you’ve got incredible deals that are only offered at inopportune times. So, I ask again, when can you travel? The short answer … Read more

Where Would You Like To Travel Next?

  I was so excited when I joined My 20 Dollar Business! I love to travel… Like a lot of people, I always wanted to retire and travel the world. Now that my wife and I have both retired, we’ve got the time to do just that. Only one problem… we don’t exactly have the … Read more

What’s Required To Get Started?

  OK… you’ve checked out the My 20 Dollar Travel Business… you’re excited and ready to get going… but you’ve still got a couple of questions you need answered. First, what do you need exactly to get started?… How much money and what kind of technology is needed? Money wise, you can actually get started … Read more