How To Setup Aweber

One of the first tools any online marketer needs in their arsenal is an autoresponder service.

I will continue to host and setup email marketing lists to anyone on our My 20 Dollar Travel Biz team… no problem.

However, I encourage every team member, as soon as they are financially able, to get their own autoresponder service.

I want everyone to understand that you don’t have to select Aweber, although it is my service of choice. I have used other autoresponders over the years, but I always gravitate back to Aweber.

There are others that are cheaper… and there are others that are more expensive.

One thing you need to look for in your AR service is whether they offer you to select “single optin” when setting up your lists.

What is “single optin” and “why” is it important?

A “double optin” autoresponder requires subscribers to jump through a second step after submitting their contact information… they must go back to their email inbox and find the email that contains their “confirmation” link. Until the reader clicks that link, they are NOT really a subscriber of your list… they are “pending”… trhey will NOT receive your follow-up messages until they confirm that they really want to join your list.

Aweber offers you to set up your email list as a “single optin”, not requiring that second step… a lot of others don’t.

With that said, here is a training viseo series I put together showing you how to setup your list in Aweber, and connect it to your capture page.


Aweber Introduction



Aweber Step 1 – Creating Your List



Aweber Step 2 – Setting Up Your Follow-Up Messages



Aweber Step 3 – Creating Your Optin Form



More Videos Coming Soon…