What’s Required To Get Started?

This is Florida’s Daytona Beach Oceanside Inn. Travel Club members can stay here for $310* for a whole week… that’s $44* average per night.


OK… you’ve checked out the My 20 Dollar Travel Business… you’re excited and ready to get going… but you’ve still got a couple of questions you need answered.

First, what do you need exactly to get started?… How much money and what kind of technology is needed?

Money wise, you can actually get started in the business for just a buck. You can begin to build your team and receive FULL “Fast Start” Bonus Commissions on all levels… Member, Gold, and Platinum.

That is not my recommended level to start at though. Why? Because you don’t get access to the Travel Engine at the “member” level… you need to be at the “Gold” level for that.

So, how much does it cost to go Gold? Basically the price of a pizza… $20.

You will also need a credit card to pay for your membership. If that’s an issue I might suggest getting a pre-paid Visa money card. You can get them most anywhere… I have purchased them at my local Walmart store.

I would suggest getting a $50 card that you can add money as needed… that would give you two months membership fees at the Gold level. If you are working your business, that will give you two full months to build your business so that it is paying for itself… no more out of pocket expenses… two personally sponsored team members each month for two months and you are good to go… forever!

The last thing you will need is a computer or a smart phone with internet access… you can use either one or both.

All of my team members have full access to the “My 20 Dollar Travel Biz” membership site. I will be providing lots of resources to help you build your business, no cost to you, just for being a member of my team.

I also suggest a few marketing tools including an autoresponder and website… you can utilize the ones I provide the members of my team until you are ready to get your own.

I hope that helps…

If you have any further questions you can message me by clicking on the “Contact” page on the menu bar… I’d love to hear from you.


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*Price quotes and availability for resort stays are constantly changing… it’s just the way the travel industry works.
But the examples I am sharing are very representative of the deals you’ll find.